Comprehensive List of Regions in Québec, Canada
Note: The following list is alphabetical by Administrative Region > Regional County Municipality (RCM or MRC) > Metropolitan Community > Local Municipality > Agglomeration > Boroughs (Arrondissements). Some municipalities do not belong to an RCM (Hors MRC = Other RCM), including Native American areas (Hors MRC Aboriginal). These places are listed under their Administrative Region in either the Hors MRC category or the Hors MRC Aboriginal category. Despite a few exceptions, the place names listed below are hyperlinks to information about and/or maps of their respective locations. Any places names that include St or Ste have been written as Saint or Sainte.

The government of Québec abolished more than two hundred suburban municipal areas on January 1, 2002 during a period of "municipal
." Many place names no longer exist due to this amalgamation, making it more difficult for genealogists to accurately
locate their ancestors' whereabouts.
Some of the former place names are next to their new counterparts in the list below. Other
information on former place
names can be found on the Historical Regions page. I am constantly working to improve this list. If you know
of current or former place names that are not in the list, please use the Contact page to inform me.
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